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Call Sign:      
Call Sign History
KSL-TV from 10/16/1979
Channel 38DT
Post-repack Channel 23
Virtual Channel 5

Salt Lake City, UT

KSL-TV Service: DX - Digital TV Auxiliary Transmitting Antenna
Channel: 38 Zone: 2
Salt Lake City, Utah
Nielsen DMA™:  Salt Lake City
Network: NBC
Virtual Channel: 5
DTV TSID: 3003
Facility ID: 6359

Repacking Information:
  Pre-Repack Channel: 38
  Post-Repack Channel: 23
  Post-Repack ERP: 398 kW
  Phase: 1 Completion Deadline: 11/30/2018
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Status: License
Application Accepted: 12/15/2003
KSL-TV License Expires: 10/01/2022
File Number: BXLCDT-20031215AAW
Prefix Type: This is BXLCDT

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Site Location: 40-39-35.0 N 112-12-07.5 W (NAD 83)
Site Location: 40-39-35.2 N 112-12-04.7 W (Converted to NAD 27)

ERP: 295 kW
Polarization: Horizontally polarized
HAAT: 1128 m (3701 ft.)
Electrical Beam Tilt: 1.5 degrees
R/C AGL: 36 m (118 ft.)
R/C AMSL: 2790 m (9154 ft.)

Site Elevation: 2754 m. (9035 ft.)
Height Overall*: 86 m (282 ft.)
(* As Filed In This Application, may differ from ASR Data, Below.)
Directional Antenna - Antenna Make/Model: Kathrein K773928
Antenna ID: 19903
Polarization: Horizontally polarized

Associated Facilities
K03IW-D Ch. 3 Cedar Canyon, Utah
K05AR-D Ch. 5 Rockville, Utah
K05BK Ch. 5 Green River, Utah
K05FJ Ch. 5 Manila, Etc., Utah
K05GX Ch. 5 East Price, Utah
K05JN Ch. 5 Montezuma Creek-anet, Utah
K05ND-D Ch. 5 Long Valley Junction, Utah
K07CG-D Ch. 7 Toquerville, Utah
K07ED-D Ch. 7 Enterprise, Utah
K07NV Ch. 7 Hanna, Etc., Utah
K08BO-D Ch. 8 Virgin, Utah
K08CS Ch. 8 Roosevelt, Etc., Utah
K08EN-D Ch. 8 Pine Valley, Etc., Utah
K09BQ Ch. 9 Helper, Utah
K09ZP-D Ch. 9 Sigurd & Salina, Utah
K09ZQ-D Ch. 9 Marysvale, Utah
K09ZR-D Ch. 9 Woodland & Kamas, Utah
K09ZU-D Ch. 9 East Price, Utah
K09ZW-D Ch. 9 Roosevelt, Etc., Utah
K10HO Ch. 10 Big Piney, Etc., Wyoming
K10RG-D Ch. 10 Rural Juab County, Utah
K10RK-D Ch. 10 Blanding/monticello, Utah
K11DF Ch. 11 Vernal, Etc., Utah
K11ED-D Ch. 11 Ruth, Nevada
K11EE-D Ch. 11 Ely & Mcgill, Nevada
K11ND Ch. 11 Hanna, Etc., Utah
K11QQ-D Ch. 11 Hildale, Etc. (az), Utah
K11TL Ch. 11 Utahn, Utah
K12AZ Ch. 12 Spring Glen, Etc., Utah
K12DE-D Ch. 12 Lund & Preston, Nevada
K12DL Ch. 12 Duchesne, Etc., Utah
K12GI Ch. 12 Morgan, Etc., Utah
K13DB Ch. 13 Green River, Utah
K13HA-D Ch. 13 Mink Creek, Idaho
K14RG-D Ch. 14 Circleville, Utah
K16MC-D Ch. 16 Rural Sevier County, Utah
K16MD-D Ch. 16 Teasdale,torrey, Utah
K16ME-D Ch. 16 Richfield, Etc., Utah
K16MF-D Ch. 16 Koosharem, Utah
K16MG-D Ch. 16 Panguitch, Utah
K16MH-D Ch. 16 Henrieville, Utah
K16MI-D Ch. 16 Nephi, Utah
K16NA-D Ch. 16 Price, Utah
K16NC-D Ch. 16 Fruitland, Utah
K17HW-D Ch. 17 Green River, Utah
K17IE-D Ch. 17 Navajo Mountain Scho, Utah
K17IF-D Ch. 17 Oljeto, Utah
K17JH-D Ch. 17 Mexican Hat, Etc, Utah
K17MT-D Ch. 17 Garfield, Etc, Utah
K17NK-D Ch. 17 Cedar City, Utah
K17NQ-D Ch. 17 Orangeville, Utah
K18IU-D Ch. 18 Mayfield, Utah
K18MR-D Ch. 18 Montezuma Creek-anet, Utah
K19DQ-D Ch. 19 Montpelier, Idaho
K19GJ-D Ch. 19 Hatch, Utah
K19HE-D Ch. 19 Bluff, Utah
K20GJ-D Ch. 20 Bloomington, Utah
K20LF-D Ch. 20 Wendover, Utah
K20NC-D Ch. 20 Logan, Utah
K21FT-D Ch. 21 Myton, Utah
K21IC-D Ch. 21 Mount Pleasant, Utah
K21NH-D Ch. 21 Laketown, Etc., Utah
K22IY Ch. 22 Big Piney, Wyoming
K23IC-D Ch. 23 Huntsville, Etc., Utah
K23KO-D Ch. 23 Rural Beaver County, Utah
K23NV-D Ch. 23 Summit County, Utah
K24FE-D Ch. 24 Beaver, Etc, Utah
K24FI Ch. 24 Orangeville, Utah
K25JK-D Ch. 21 Scipio,holden, Utah
K26IH-D Ch. 26 Manti, Etc., Utah
K27GC-D Ch. 27 Heber/midway, Utah
K27GD-D Ch. 27 Park City, Utah
K27JV-D Ch. 27 Kanab, Utah
K28OL-D Ch. 28 Loa, Etc., Utah
K29FA-D Ch. 29 Beryl, Modena Etc., Utah
K29JA-D Ch. 29 Alton, Utah
K30CN-D Ch. 30 Ely, Nevada
K30OP-D Ch. 30 Hanksville, Utah
K30OW-D Ch. 30 Fishlake Resort, Utah
K31JL-D Ch. 31 Vernal, Etc., Utah
K32HD Ch. 32 Huntsville, Utah
K32HK-D Ch. 32 Morgan, Etc., Utah
K32HX-D Ch. 32 Duchesne, Utah
K32IA-D Ch. 32 Manila, Etc., Utah
K32IZ-D Ch. 32 Scofield, Utah
K32MR-D Ch. 32 Escalante, Utah
K32NF-D Ch. 32 Spring Glen, Utah
K33IZ-D Ch. 33 Boulder, Utah
K33JG-D Ch. 33 Peoa, Oakley, Utah
K33OJ-D Ch. 33 Garfield, Etc., Utah
K33OM-D Ch. 33 Caineville, Utah
K33OX-D Ch. 33 Samak, Utah
K33PF-D Ch. 33 Beaver, Etc., Utah
K33PO-D Ch. 33 Clear Creek, Utah
K34IW-D Ch. 34 Hanna, Etc., Utah
K34KQ-D Ch. 34 Fountain Green, Utah
K34OA-D Ch. 34 Capitol Reef Nationa, Utah
K34OC-D Ch. 34 Antimony, Utah
K34OD-D Ch. 34 Tropic, Etc., Utah
K34OL-D Ch. 34 Wanship, Utah
K34OM-D Ch. 34 Henefer, Etc., Utah
K34PB-D Ch. 34 Emery, Utah
K34PC-D Ch. 34 Green River, Utah
K34PH-D Ch. 34 Ferron, Utah
K34PI-D Ch. 34 Huntington, Utah
K35FS-D Ch. 35 Santa Clara, Etc., Utah
K35HD-D Ch. 35 Soda Springs, Idaho
K35KM-D Ch. 35 Eureka, Nevada
K36AI-D Ch. 36 Parowan, Enoch, Etc., Utah
K36FS-D Ch. 36 Randolph, Utah
K36OT-D Ch. 36 Coalville, Utah
K38JT-D Ch. 34 Delta, Etc., Utah
K38MG-D Ch. 24 Fillmore, Etc., Utah
K38MQ-D Ch. 14 Leamington, Utah
K39FR Ch. 7 Delta, Etc., Utah
K40GZ-D Ch. 40 Preston, Idaho
K40JH-D Ch. 33 Garrison, Etc., Utah
K41GV Ch. 41 Emery, Utah
K49GB Ch. 49 Emery, Utah
Antenna Data for Antenna Id: 19903
KSL-TV DX File: BXLCDT-20031215AAW
Kathrein - K773928
Service: DX
Standard Pattern: Y
Structure Information

Structure Registration Number 1237796

[ASR Heights Differ from KSL-TV Application]
Structure Type: TOWER
Registered To:
Bonneville International Corporation
Structure Address:
Farnsworth Peak
Salt Lake City, UT
County Name: Salt Lake County
ASR Issued: 01/05/2004
Date Built: 08/25/2003
Site Elevation: 2755 m (9039 ft.)
Structure Height: 86 m (282 ft.)
Height Overall: 86 m (282 ft.)
Overall Height AMSL: 2841 m (9321 ft.)
FAA Determination: 12/23/2003
FAA Study #: 2003-ANM-2275-OE
FAA Circular #: 70/7460-1K
Paint & Light FAA Chapters: 4, 8, 12
40-39-35.0 N 112-12-07.5 W (NAD 83)
40-39-35.2 N 112-12-04.7 W
(Converted to NAD 27)
KSL-TV Licensee Information

55 North 300 West
2nd Floor
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Phone: 801-575-5874
BXLCDT-20031215AAW Applicant Information

Date: 12/15/2003
Application Certifier
55 North 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84110
55 North 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84180-1160
Wilkinson Barker Knauer, Llp
2300 N Street, N.w.
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20037-1128

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Database Sources: 7/14/2020 FCC CDBS,
07/14/2020 FCC LMS,
FCC ULS Microwave, and
FCC ULS Broadcast Land Mobile.

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