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Call Sign History
KSTU from 11/09/1987
DKTMW from 11/09/1987
KTMW from 07/17/1987
Channel 28DT
Virtual Channel 13

Salt Lake City, UT

KSTU Service: DT - Digital TV
Channel: 28 Zone: 2
Salt Lake City, Utah
Nielsen DMA™:  Salt Lake City
Network: FOX, Antenna TV, Stadium, Charge
Virtual Channel: 13
DTV TSID: 3007
Facility ID: 22215

Repacking Information:
  No changes

Status: License
Application Accepted: 03/05/2012
KSTU License Expires: 10/01/2022
File Number: BLCDT-20120305ABX
Prefix Type: This is a License for a commercial digital TV station

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Site Location: 40-39-32.8 N 112-12-10.8 W (NAD 83)
Site Location: 40-39-33.0 N 112-12-08.0 W (Converted to NAD 27)

ERP: 350 kW
Polarization: Horizontally polarized
HAAT: 1210 m (3970 ft.)
Electrical Beam Tilt: 1.5 degrees
R/C AGL: 51 m (167 ft.)
R/C AMSL: 2784 m (9134 ft.)

Site Elevation: 2733 m. (8967 ft.)
Height Overall*: 56 m (184 ft.)
Directional Antenna - Antenna Make/Model: DIELECTRIC TFU-12JTH-R CT220
Antenna ID: 91125
Polarization: Horizontally polarized

Associated Facilities
K04RW-D Ch. 4 Cedar Canyon, Utah
K07XM-D Ch. 7 Mink Creek, Idaho
K10PN-D Ch. 10 Cedar City, Etc., Utah
K12MI-D Ch. 12 Laketown, Etc, Utah
K12XI-D Ch. 12 Helper, Utah
K13AAI-D Ch. 13 Marysvale, Utah
K13AAJ-D Ch. 13 Woodland & Kamas, Utah
K13AAL-D Ch. 13 Beaver Etc., Utah
K13AAN-D Ch. 13 Roosevelt, Utah
K13AAP-D Ch. 13 East Price, Utah
K13CP Ch. 13 Cedar City, Utah
K13OG-D Ch. 13 Rural Juab, Etc., Utah
K14PA-D Ch. 14 Rural Juab County, Utah
K14QX-D Ch. 14 Hatch, Utah
K15CD-D Ch. 15 Mayfield, Utah
K15FQ-D Ch. 15 Milford, Etc., Utah
K15HN-D Ch. 15 Bluff & Area, Utah
K15LL-D Ch. 15 Leamington, Utah
K16BT-D Ch. 16 Orderville, Utah
K16MN-D Ch. 16 Wendover, Utah
K18HZ-D Ch. 18 Navajo Mountain, Utah
K18IA-D Ch. 18 Oljeto, Utah
K18IB-D Ch. 18 Mexican Hat, Utah
K18MY-D Ch. 18 East Carbon County, Utah
K19MH-D Ch. 19 Fruitland, Utah
K20MS-D Ch. 20 Richfield, Etc., Utah
K20MU-D Ch. 20 Bicknell, Etc., Utah
K20MV-D Ch. 20 Koosharem, Utah
K20MW-D Ch. 20 Rural Sevier County, Utah
K20MX-D Ch. 20 Panguitch, Etc., Utah
K20MY-D Ch. 20 Henriville, Utah
K21CE-D Ch. 34 Montpelier, Idaho
K21FL-D Ch. 13 Salina & Redmond, Utah
K21HH-D Ch. 21 Preston, Idaho
K21HV-D Ch. 21 Malad, Idaho
K21JV-D Ch. 21 Green River, Utah
K21MX-D Ch. 21 Garfield, Etc., Utah
K21NP-D Ch. 21 Orangeville, Utah
K22NE-D Ch. 22 Myton, Utah
K23JC-D Ch. 23 Montezuma Crk/aneth, Utah
K23LH-D Ch. 23 Cortez, Colorado
K23NR-D Ch. 23 Mount Pleasant, Utah
K25GY-D Ch. 25 Beryl, Modena, New C, Utah
K25JJ-D Ch. 25 Fillmore,meadow,etc., Utah
K25OI-D Ch. 25 Soda Springs, Idaho
K25OY-D Ch. 25 Summit County, Utah
K25PA-D Ch. 25 Santa Clara, Utah
K27IS-D Ch. 27 Emery, Utah
K27KH-D Ch. 27 Orderville, Utah
K28GM-D Ch. 28 Rural Garfield Count, Utah
K28JK-D Ch. 28 Huntsville, Liberty, Utah
K28JL-D Ch. 28 Morgan, Etc., Utah
K28JS-D Ch. 28 Samak, Utah
K28KP-D Ch. 28 Clear Creek, Utah
K28PI-D Ch. 28 Emery, Utah
K29EM-D Ch. 29 Manti & Ephraim, Utah
K29HN-D Ch. 29 Escalante, Utah
K29JQ-D Ch. 29 Fishlake Resort, Utah
K29LZ-D Ch. 29 Fountain Green, Utah
K29MC-D Ch. 29 Heber City, Utah
K29MN-D Ch. 29 Fillmore, Etc., Utah
K29MR-D Ch. 29 Emery, Utah
K29MT-D Ch. 29 Scofield, Utah
K30JG-D Ch. 30 Randolph & Woodruff, Utah
K30KE-D Ch. 30 Wanship, Utah
K30KG-D Ch. 30 Coalville, Etc., Utah
K30OV-D Ch. 30 Boulder, Utah
K30PE-D Ch. 30 Parowan, Enoch Etc., Utah
K30PG-D Ch. 30 Delta, Oak City, Etc, Utah
K30PN-D Ch. 30 Green River, Utah
K30PP-D Ch. 30 Ferron, Utah
K30PS-D Ch. 30 Huntington, Utah
K31KN-D Ch. 31 Caineville, Utah
K32HN-D Ch. 18 Circleville, Etc., Utah
K32IS-D Ch. 32 Henefer, Etc., Utah
K33JN-D Ch. 16 Montezuma Ck & Aneth, Utah
K33PQ-D Ch. 33 Manila, Etc, Utah
K34NT-D Ch. 34 Hanksville, Utah
K34PA-D Ch. 34 Garrison, Etc., Utah
K35IQ-D Ch. 35 Vernal, Etc., Utah
K35NE-D Ch. 35 Fremont, Utah
K35OP-D Ch. 35 Park City, Utah
K36AK-D Ch. 36 Blanding/monticello, Utah
K36IM-D Ch. 36 Duchesne, Etc., Utah
K36PA-D Ch. 36 Kanarraville, Etc., Utah
K36PK-D Ch. 36 Peoa, Etc., Utah
K40IX-D Ch. 30 Antimony, Utah
K40JM-D Ch. 33 Kanab, Utah
K46HW-D Ch. 46 Preston, Idaho
K48GV-D Ch. 48 Laketown, Etc., Utah
K51GA-D Ch. 28 Logan, Utah
KKRP-LD Ch. 21 St. George, Utah
NEW Ch. 22 Nephi, Utah
Antenna Data for Antenna Id: 91125
KSTU DT File: BLCDT-20120305ABX
Service: DT
Standard Pattern: Y
KSTU(DT) Licensee Information

312 Walnut Street.
28th Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-977-3000
Limited Liability Company
BLCDT-20120305ABX Applicant Information

Date: 03/05/2012
Application Certifier
1717 Dixie Highway
Suite 650
Ft. Wright, KY 41011
5020 W. Amelia Earhart Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Dow Lohnes Pllc
1200 New Hampshire Avenue, Nw
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036

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 KR6922 Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup
 KS5718 Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup
 WHE848 Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup
 WSM707 Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup
 WSM708 Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup
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 KA44228 TV Pickup
 KC23097 TV Pickup
 KQ5632 TV Pickup
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 WPJC215 7 GHz TV Intercity Relay
 WDD722 7 GHz TV Studio Transmitter Link
 WMF755 13 GHz TV Intercity Relay
 WMF969 13 GHz TV Intercity Relay
 WPJD275 13 GHz TV Intercity Relay
 WPJD277 13 GHz TV Intercity Relay
 WPNA884 13 GHz TV Intercity Relay
 WPZZ247 13 GHz TV Intercity Relay
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 WPWZ288 13 GHz TV Studio Transmitter Link
 WQFJ527 13 GHz TV Studio Transmitter Link

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