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General Info

Call Sign: WQIU976 ULS File Number: 0008669505
Radio Service: TV Intercity Relay License Status: Active
Granted: 05/21/2008 Expires: 04/01/2022
Certifier: Howard Jaeckel Certifier Title: Assistant Secretary
FCC Web Link:   WQIU976 License Data 
Licensee and Contact Information
Licensee or Assignee
1725 DeSales St. NW; Suite 501
WASHINGTON, DC 20036-4426
Phone: (202) 457-4505
FRN: 0004425773
Licensee Contact
1725 DeSales St. NW; Suite 501
Washington, DC 20036-4426
Phone: (202) 457-4074
03/02/2011: License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.
10/10/2014: License renewed since parent station was renewed IN CDBS.
07/01/2016: License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.
The License Term Is Concurrent With The Parent Station Licensed With Fac Id 47903The License Term Is Concurrent With The Parent Station Licensed With Fac Id 47903
Associated Broadcast
Station Information
Parent Facility ID: 47903
Parent Callsign: KCNC-TV
Broadcast City: DENVER, CO
Path 1 Info
Transmit Location 1
Lake Cedar Tower

Name: Lake Cedar Tower
Location Type: Fixed
Address: 21119 Cedar Lake Road
Golden, CO
Structure: Building with Tower
Ground Elevation: 2196.1 m
Structure Height: 9.1 m
Overall Structure Height: 9.1 m
Latitude: 39-43-50.0 N. (NAD 83)
Longitude: 105-13-59.0 W. (NAD 83)

Lake Cedar Tower - Antenna 1
Antenna Mfgr: Commscope
Antenna Model: UHX8-59W RF
Antenna Height: 3.0 m.
Antenna Elevation Angle (tilt): -1.6 °
Polarization: H
Antenna Beamwidth: 1.4 °
Azimuth: 89.2 °
Antenna Gain: 41.7 dB
Freq 1 Lower: 7112.5000 MHz
Freq 1 EIRP: 70.2 dBm
Freq 1 Emission: 25M0D1W
Freq 1 Digital Mod Rate: 111000 kb/s
Freq 1 Digital Mod Type: QAM/64
Transmitter Manufacturer: SAF Tehnika
Transmitter Model: PHG2_U6_111M25S_VHP
Station Class: Operational Fixed
Constructed: 10/09/2009
Receive Location 2
KCNC Studio

Name: KCNC Studio
Location Type: Fixed
Ground Elevation: 1607.9 m
Latitude: 39-43-59.0 N. (NAD 83)
Longitude: 104-59-08.9 W. (NAD 83)

KCNC Studio - Antenna 1
Antenna Mfgr: Andrew
Antenna Model: PL8-65F
Antenna Height: 13.4 m.
Antenna Beamwidth: 1.3 °
Antenna Gain: 42.3 dB

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11/21/2019 FCC LMS,
FCC ULS Microwave, and
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