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General Info
Call Sign: WRDH740 ULS File Number: 0008538446
Radio Service: TV Studio Transmitter Link License Status: Active
Granted: 05/01/2019 Expires: 04/01/2023
Certifier: Robert J. Folliard III Certifier Title: Assistant Secretary
FCC Web Link:   WRDH740 License Data  
Licensee and Contact Information
Licensee Contact
Wiley Rein LLP
1776 K Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20006-2304
Attn: Joan . Stewart Esq
Phone: (202) 719-7438
06/26/2020: License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.
02/02/2021: License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.
Associated Broadcast
Station Information
Parent Facility ID: 48305
Parent Callsign: WAGM-TV
Broadcast City: PRESQUE ISLE, ME
Path 1 Info
Transmit Location 1
WAGM-TV Studio

Name: WAGM-TV Studio
Location Type: Fixed
Address: 201 Parkhurst Road
Presque Isle, ME
Structure: Guyed Tower
Ground Elevation: 205.1 m
Structure Height: 76.5 m
Overall Structure Height: 76.5 m
Structure Registration: 1022804
Latitude: 46-43-43.0 N. (NAD 83)
Longitude: 68-00-01.0 W. (NAD 83)

WAGM-TV Studio - Antenna 1
Antenna Mfgr: Gabriel Electronics
Antenna Model: DRFB6-64ASE
Antenna Height: 10.6 m.
Antenna Elevation Angle (tilt): 0.6 °
Polarization: V
Antenna Beamwidth: 1.7 °
Azimuth: 143.4 °
Antenna Gain: 39.8 dB
Freq 1 Lower: 7112.500000 MHz
Freq 1 EIRP: 62.6 dBm
Freq 1 Emission: 25M0F9W
Freq 1 Digital Mod Rate: 19390 kb/s
Freq 1 Digital Mod Type: 16 QAM
Transmitter Manufacturer: MRC
Transmitter Model: Twinstream 68
Station Class: Operational Fixed
Constructed: 10/29/2020
Receive Location 2
Mars Hill Mountain

Name: Mars Hill Mountain
Location Type: Fixed
Ground Elevation: 481.7 m
Latitude: 46-33-04.5 N. (NAD 83)
Longitude: 67-48-34.0 W. (NAD 83)

Mars Hill Mountain - Antenna 1
Antenna Mfgr: Cablewave
Antenna Model: PA6-65
Antenna Height: 7.6 m.
Antenna Beamwidth: 1.7 °
Antenna Gain: 39.9 dB

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