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General Info
Call Sign: KK4431 ULS File Number: 0004991224
Radio Service: TV Pickup License Status: Active
Granted: 02/05/1981 Expires: 06/01/2023
Certifier: Certifier Title:
FCC Web Link:   KK4431 License Data  
Licensee and Contact Information
Licensee Contact
New York, NY 10023-6298
Attn: John W. Zucker, Esq.
Attn: John W. Zucker Esq
Phone: (212) 456-7777
Fax: (212) 456-6202
Special Conditions
Antenna structures for land, base and fixed stations authorized by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau for operation at temporary unspecified locations may be erected without specific prior approval of the Commission where such antenna structur
06/06/2000: Authorization superseded to update the expiration date. em
01/21/2003: License updated since parent station was modified in CDBS.
03/22/2004: License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.
02/22/2006: License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.
11/27/2012: License renewed since parent station was renewed IN CDBS.
02/05/2016: License renewed since parent station was renewed IN CDBS.
01/30/2021: License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.
01/22/2022: License updated since parent station was modified IN CDBS.
The License Term Is Concurrent With The Parent Station Licensed With Fac Id 1328Grant Of An Application To Identify Receive-only Sites In This Authorization Merely Records Receive-site Data That The Licensee Filed Voluntarily, To Facilitate Coordination, Without Determining The Accuracy Of This Data Or The Licensee’s Right To CoordiExcept Within The 2483.5 - 2500 Mhz Band, This Authorization Permits The Simultaneous Operation Of Multiple Transmitters As Long As The Technical Parameters Of Each Transmitter Are Consistent With The Parameters Specified On This Authorization And Each TrAtion Or Interference Protection For These Facilities. See E.g., 47 C.f.r. § 2.106, Federal Table For 2025-2110 Mhz And Us Note 346, And 47 C.f.r. §§ 25.254, 25.255, And 27.1133. Additionally, This Grant Does Not Modify The Licensee's Authorization TAnsmitter Is Operated In Accordance With Applicable Fcc Rules. Within The 2483.5 - 2500 Mhz Band Existing Licenses As Of July 25, 1985, And Licenses Whose Initial Applications Were Filed On Or Before July 25, 1985 Are Grandfathered, However, No ModificatPerate A Tv Pickup Transmitter(s) Under Call Sign Kk4431 And Such Grant Date Is Irrelevant In Determining Whether The Bas Operation Is “previously Licensed” For Purposes Of 47 C.f.r. § 27.1133 And Similar Interference-protection Rules.Ions To Existing Stations To Increase The Number Of Transmitters Are Permitted.
Associated Broadcast
Station Information
Parent Facility ID: 1328
Parent Callsign: WABC-TV
Broadcast City: NEW YORK, NY
Path 1 Info
Transmit Location 1
Location Type: Mobile
Mobile Operational Area: 120.7 KMRA around a centerpoint
Overall Structure Height: 6.1 m
Latitude: 40-44-54.3 N. (NAD 83)
Longitude: 73-59-08.5 W. (NAD 83)
Location 1 - Antenna 1
Antenna Mfgr: Various
Antenna Model: Various
Antenna Height: 6.1 m.
Polarization: S
Antenna Beamwidth: 14.0 °
Azimuth: 999.0 °
Antenna Gain: 20.0 dB
Freq 1 Lower: 2450.000000 MHz
Freq 1 Upper: 2467.000000 MHz
Freq 1 EIRP: 53 dBm
Freq 1 Emission: 17M0F9W, 17M0D7W, 17M0W7D
Station Class: Mobile

Freq 2 Lower: 2467.000000 MHz
Freq 2 Upper: 2483.500000 MHz
Freq 2 EIRP: 53 dBm
Freq 2 Emission: 17M0F9W, 16M5D7W, 16M5W7D
Station Class: Mobile

Freq 3 Lower: 2483.500000 MHz
Freq 3 Upper: 2500.000000 MHz
Freq 3 EIRP: 53 dBm
Freq 3 Emission: 17M0F9W, 16M5D7W, 16M5W7D
Station Class: Mobile
Receive Location 2
Millennium Bldg

Name: Millennium Bldg
Location Type: Fixed
Address: 101 West 67th Street
New York, NY
Structure: Building
Ground Elevation: 24 m
Structure Height: 193 m
Overall Structure Height: 193 m
Latitude: 40-46-29.0 N. (NAD 83)
Longitude: 73-58-53.0 W. (NAD 83)

Millennium Bldg - Antenna 0
Antenna Mfgr: MRC
Antenna Model: ProScan III 2 GHz
Antenna Height: 152.0 m.
Antenna Beamwidth: 7.6 °
Antenna Gain: 26.0 dB

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